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Terms & Conditions

Policies for Parents/ Guardians
  • Registration is once a month. All Diamond Parents/guardians must pay their

dancer’s dues at the 1st practice of the month. (Please refer to the to the pay schedule for the monthly due totals) If you miss the night of registration, you will need to wait until the following month to register since we will be starting a new routine on the first practice of each month.  


  • You can sign your dancer up for as many months as you prefer but January and February are required for all students dancing in the performance and/or competition as this will be the time we will practice formations, transitions, working with the performance/competition mixes, etc.  Additional, required dates may be required for added performances.  Please see Miss Dana for other required dates throughout the season that are required if your dancer plans to dance in those performances.


  • Please only sign up your dancer for month/s he/she can fully commit to coming to class. No refund/s will be given if your dancer misses a class.


  • If class is cancelled due to studio issues, weather, etc., parents/guardians will be refunded in full for that practice OR can use the money paid for that class as credit for a future class.


  • Parents/guardians are allowed to leave the premises during class but first must physically “check in” their dancer with the dance coach or dance staff before leaving.


  • If a parent/guardian decides to leave the premises during class, they must be prepared to answer their phone from Miss Dana in the case of an emergency and if necessary, report to the requested hospital/doctor’s office. (Miss Dana’s cell: (615) 828-3130).


  • If parent/guardian decides to leave the premises during class, they must drop off/pick up their dancer on time. For every 5 minutes late picking up your dancer, a $5 late charge will be charged.


  • If parent/guardian decides to stay during class time, I ask that if you need to talk, that you whisper or go outside to not disturb class.


  • No smoking on the deck or close to the studio doors. Please step far away from the building to smoke.


● Please inform Miss Dana of any allergies (in writing) or physical limitations, etc. that your dancer has that she needs to be aware of that may affect your dancer’s performance, or snacks that may be given during class.

Rules for Dancers
  • If a dance decides to catch up on material missed, he/she can schedule a private rehearsal with his/her team captain or co-captain based on captain/co-captain’s availability, or a make-up rehearsal with Miss Dana can be booked online as a private rehearsal.  

  • No open-toed shoes allowed! Tennis shoes required for all practices.

  • Respect your instructor, the class staff and your teammates at all times. There is zero tolerance for bullying. If I hear of anyone bullying a teammate, they will be asked

  • to leave class immediately without a refund. Returning to future classes will be decided by   

  • Miss Dana later after a meeting with the guardian/parents of the student including  

  • the dancer.


  • No talking while the music is on or when the instructor is talking.



  • If any of these rules get updated, Miss Dana will make dancer (and dance guardian) aware in writing.

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